"Best Eats" Contest

Who has the “Best Eats” of Arts and Eats 2016?

Join us for our 2nd Annual “Best Eats” competition! Enjoy a month of Arts and Eats flavors at participating restaurants. Visit Canal Street Café, Root Coffee House & Café, Bay Pointe Inn, Kitchen House, Mezzo Coffee House, Crane's Pie Pantry and Tujax Tavern between September 17 and October 16 to try delicious Eats that showcase Michigan agriculture. Then, vote for your favorite appetizer, main dish and dessert. The “Best Eats” in all three categories will be announced at the end of the Arts and Eats tour.

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Bay Pointe Inn


Canal Street Cafe


Crane’s Pie Pantry


Kitchen House


Mezzo Coffee House


Root Coffee House & Café


Tujax Tavern






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